Living At One with Nature: Tree-Shaped Forest Houses

Blending in with the forest, these sculptural homes have an incredibly light footprint on the earth and stand above the trees for incredible views of the landscape. ‘Primeval Symbiosis‘ is a tree-shaped house on a pole taking cues from the inestimable wisdom of nature. Like trees, these homes take in the sun and gather water in order ot survive, converting bio-waste into fertilizer to enrich the soil and get energy in return.

The design, by Danish architecture student Konrad Wójcik, is a striking, modern geometric shape in black with four levels elevated well above the ground on a tree-trunk-like pillar. The glazed front takes in daylight and enables views of the setting that change from one floor to the next as if you’re climbing a natural tree.

The homes are covered in solar panels to produce all the energy they need, and also take in energy from the ground via a heat pump. A bio-digester turns waste onsite into additional energy. A natural ventilation inlet at the base of the home brings fresh air up to the top floor.

No steel or cement is used in the construction, with the frame built of specially engineered wood that’s strong enough to support the entire weight of the home. All materials are recyclable.

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