Elizabeth, Queen of Trash: Recycled Art by Jane Perkins

Famous portraits and paintings are re-imagined in the most unexpected materials in this series of eco-friendly art by Jane Perkins. The artist uses reclaimed ‘trash’ such as beads, buttons, small toys and other pies of plastic and glass detritus to create these stunning works, which include everything from the Mona Lisa to Queen Elizabeth’s official portrait.

Perkins worked as a nurse for 17 years in a London hospital before exploring her artistic talents, and got a degree in textiles in 2006. No color is added to these amazingly accurate reproductions. Perkins takes the time to find just the right found materials in the particular shape, color and size needed for each detail.

When she first started with these projects, Perkins would scour local secondhand shops and flea markets for materials in the shades she needed for each piece. Now, she’s well known for her work, so people in her neighborhood leave potential art materials on her doorstep.

Says Perkins, “I work as an artist in found materials, taking inspiration from found objects and working them into something new. I love art with an element of fun and the unexpected and I love what I do!”

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