Modern Design for the Dogs: 13 Cool Pet Products

Pet products aren’t limited to the mass produced stuff you can find at the nearest big box store, which tends to be shapeless and beige. You can apply the same standards of aesthetics to pet products as you can to your furniture and other items in your home, if you know where to look (and you’ve got some cash.) Here are 11 cat towers, dog beds and more with style to spare.

Nendo Geometric Dog Bed

Nendo’s adorable geometric pet bed is made from artificial leather, and it can either be a domed hut that offers shelter, or a cushion when they lay on top.

Cardboard Cat Cabin

Cats love cardboard boxes, but why not give them one that does a little more? The Cat Cabin is made of corrugated cardboard and is sold flat, but assembles into a cute little house with dangling toys.

Modern Pet Furniture Collection by MPup

This sleek collection of modular pet beds from MPup would blend into even the most modern of homes, with pale wood construction, simple shapes and waterproof/bacteria-resistant fabric. It can provide a toilet training space for puppies, or a house for smaller dogs as they grow.

Cat Library is a Bookcase That Accommodates Cats

How cool is this? The birch wood ‘Cat Library’ bookshelf is a functional space for your reading materials, but also contains a built-in staircase leading up to a sitting basket at the top.

Cat Teepee by Loyal Luxe

Another neat cardboard house for cats comes in the shape of a tipi, with six interchangeable ornaments in a Native American theme.

Architecture for Dogs: 13 Designs

Renowned architects and designers were invited to design structures for man’s best friend, resulting in 13 wildly different architecture typologies with each designed for a different breed of dog. Some are built so smaller dogs can see their owners eye-to-eye, while others mimic dogs physically, like a pouffy white cushion for a Bichon Frise.

Midcentury Modern Furniture for Cats

If you’re into midcentury modern, this might be the cat furniture for you. The series from Modernist Cat includes three cabinets that can be stacked, set side by side or used alone. They can hide litter boxes or beds, or just be a fun place to play.

Duck Bill Dog Muzzle

Muzzles can be unpleasant for dogs, but sometimes, they’re necessary. At least with this hilarious duck bill muzzle, you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Modern Cat Bed

This concept bed from designer Steve Lukas is streamlined for your design sensibilities, and comfortable for your cat, with two food and water compartments built right in.

IKEA Hack Creates Cat

An IKEA Stolmen system is transformed into a striking modern cat tower with the addition of a platform kit from designer Peter Sehorsch.

Cubix Modern Dog House

This house is probably cooler than the one you live in, yourself. The Cubix Dog Mansion by Best Friend’s Home is ultramodern with a glass front and red trim.

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