Beating Floods with Beauty: Inspiring Bamboo Home

Making homes flood-resistant isn’t usually an aesthetic opportunity; it’s all about practicality. Of course, safety and comfort are more important than looks – but this beautiful design for a ‘blooming bamboo home’ shows that all of these factors can come together in a harmonious whole. H&P Architects have created a house that can withstand the severe natural disasters of Vietnam.

Using bamboo, a fast-growing renewable material that grows locally, the architects designed a home strong enough to stand up to five-foot-high floodwaters. It’s made up of modular components assembled by bolting, binding and hanging.

Its versatile interior layout enables it to flex to all sorts of purposes, making it suitable as a house, a school, a medical facility or a community center. All of the materials, including fiberboard, coconut leaves, and the wooden roof cladding, can be sourced locally.

The structure is intended to be used as a safe shelter for people who live in areas with even the most troubling weather patterns. But beyond its sustainability and flood-resistance, it’s just plain gorgeous.

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