Nature Through A Lens: 18 Amazing Flickr Photos

Amateurs and professionals alike come together to post stunning nature photography where it can be seen and enjoyed by the public, on Flickr Creative Commons. Search terms like ‘nature’, ‘landscape’ or ‘animals’ on this photo sharing website and you’ll find enough images to get lost in wonderment over the beauty of the world for an hour or two. Here are eighteen standout shots.

Flamingos Partying by Pedro Szekely

“Flamingos in Laguna Hedionda in Bolivia. A truly stunning place to visit. You can observe these flamingos for hours with no other human there to disturb the incredible sights,” says photographer Pedro Szekeley. “It is one of the most amazing sights you’ll see.”

The Beast in the Bush by Vinoth Chandar

This gorgeous shot was captured by Vinoth Chandar in Tamil Nadu, India.

Napali by Paul Bica

Stunning colors on the volcanic landscape of Kauai, Hawaii can be enjoyed in this aerial photograph by Paul Bica.

Colorful Swan by Mikael Tigerström

A swan glides on a lake in Sweden in this rainbow-hued shot by Mikael Tigerström.

California Newt by John H. Wright

Newts are cute, as evidenced by this little guy captured at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in Alamo, California by John H. Wright.

Dream by Seyed Mostafa Zamani

The appropriately named ‘dream’ by Seyed Mostafa Zamani features a hazy landscape in tones of peach, pink and mauve.

Bangalore Beetles by Bobinson

A pair of colorful beetles are caught mating in Bangalore, India by photographer Bobinson.

Leaf Skeleton Macro by Haentjens Raphael

Tiny fractal structures within the skeleton of a leaf can be seen in this macro shot by Haentjens Raphael.

I Don’t Need Shades to Look Cool by Andrea

A macro shot of a bee gathering pollen by Andrea gives us a glimpse of astonishing detail we wouldn’t be able to pick up with the naked eye.

Nuances by Paul Bica

Emerald and amethyst tones stand out in the sea of Manitoulin Island in Ontario, in this photo by Paul Bica.

Tulips by Vince Alongi

“Captured in May, just before they were all gone,” says photographer Vince Alongi of this highly saturated tulip photo.

Bee in the Blue by Dimitris Agelakis

A bee can just barely be spotted raising its head above the blue petals of an artichoke flower. Photo by Dimitris Agelakis.

Two Columns by Sergio Tudela Romero

Two pillars stand out in the sea in this beautiful shot on the Spanish coast by Sergio Tudela Romero.

The Army by Bui Linh Ngân

An army of ants marches down a leaf in this cool shot captured “on my way to the office” by Bui Linh Ngan.

Oak Creek Canyon by Barbara L. Slavin

Barbara L. Slavin captures Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona with a cloudy sky, using a 35mm film camera.

Spiderweb by 55Laney69

Droplets of dew stand out on the strands of a spiderweb in this beautiful photo taken by Laney in Hong Kong.

Descend by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Nicholas A. Tonelli shares a view of Rattlesnake Falls in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

Grand Canyon by Barbara L. Slavin

Photographer Barbara L. Slavin shares a view of the Grand Canyon.

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