Organic Interiors: 30 Home Decor Inspiration Photos

Modern homes can often feel a bit sterile, disconnected from the world of nature outside. Integrating some nature in the form of prints, patterns and physical objects can provide a psychological pick-me-up, making spaces feel cozier and more comforting. Here are over 30 interior design inspiration photos for an organic, modern, bohemian-chic home.

Tree Trunk Stools & Side Tables

(images via: poppytalk, harvest agency, vosgesparis, the march collective)

Not only do tree stumps have a big impact on an indoor space, contrasting beautifully with the soft textures of textiles and with smooth modern surfaces, they’re free. Once you find ideal stumps, let them dry in a protected outdoor space for a few months, and then strip off the bark and protect the wood underneath. You can even add casters so they’re easier to move around. Check out a tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

Planters and Terrariums

(images via: houzzz, restoration hardware, sfgirlbybay, fox on the run)

Bringing greenery inside is the simplest and most effective way to feel closer to nature while indoors. Hanging planters let vines trail down the walls, and terrariums create miniature worlds under glass. Here’s a list of 13 hard-to-kill houseplants for those whose thumbs are less than green, and 12 cool ways to integrate living plants into your furniture.

Cruelty-Free Feathers

(images via: a merry mishap, electriclove, annaleenashem)

Feathers have a fun bohemian feel, and they look beautiful in vases as an alternative to flowers, made into mobiles as pictured above, or just scattered on various surfaces. Never purchase feathers blindly, since some birds are raised specifically for their decorative feathers and plucked alive. You can find cruelty-free feathers at this online shop and on Etsy; most cruelty-free feathers come from birds that molt naturally, so they can be gathered without harming the birds. Feathers can be dyed to match your decor.

Natural History Display Pieces

(images via: the wild unknown, andgeorge, paperblog, mattermatters)

Botanical charts and little museum-style displays under glass or on a shelf will bring a little natural history into your home. Try (naturally shed) deer antlers, feathers, dried plants and scientific models to put your appreciation of nature on display.

Branches as Decor

(images via: pinterest, papiluc)

There are dozens of different ways to incorporate branches into your home decor, and – again – they’re free. Place them in a tall vase, hang a bundle of them on the wall, make some into hooks or buy them that way if you’re not very crafty. Another creative idea is to use a large branch as a closet rod, simply by hanging it from rope or chain.

Rustic Wood Surfaces

(images via: design sponge, panyl)

The rough, rustic surface of unfinished wood is just the right counterpoint for smoother, more modern walls and furniture. Pallets are the perfect medium for this interior design project; many are made of hardwood that’s still usable far beyond its life cycle in the shipping industry. Check out 20 DIY pallet ideas (plus 15 more!)

Patterns from Nature

(images via: paule tb, bhg)

This one is easy: stores that sell home furnishings are packed with nature-print textiles, from bedding to tablecloths. You could also seek out wallpaper with a natural theme, like the gorgeous, lush green print seen above.

Large Nature Prints

(images via: leilliving, domainehome, restoration hardware)

Shower curtains, window dressings, murals and posters are just a few ways to display oversized nature-themed images in your home. For the best effect, keep the immediate space around the print free of clutter, patterns or other images so it doesn’t look busy.

Rocks, Shells and Coral

(images via: peacock taco, smarin, purehomeaccents)

Another way to incorporate organic elements into your home is through rocks, shells and coral. Just be sure to gather these items according to local laws – don’t simply remove rocks from river beds, and be aware that demand for coral places a strain on this already threatened ocean organism. Prints, like the pillows above by Pure Home Accents on Etsy, are a safer bet. Smarin’s rock pillows, made of wool, are fun and comfortable.

Shimmering Crystals and Geodes

(images via: rain collection, the berry)

Whether you believe in the ‘energy’ contained within crystals or not, they’re a beautiful accent to have around the house, picking up sunlight and casting little rainbow reflections around the room. Hang faceted crystals in windows, group quartz points together on platters, or look for geodes, which can be functional objects like bookends or simply for display.

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