Natural Swimming Pool is a Refreshing Swiss Paradise

The lucky residents of Riehen, Switzerland will have an incredible natural pool to cool off in once the sweltering days of summer 2014 arrive. Architects Herzog & De Meuron have broken ground on a large public pool that will be cleaned without chlorine and other chemicals, and surrounded with lush lawns and gardens. The landscaping and other aquatic systems will filter the water to keep it fresh.

This natural filtering system first removes large particles, hair and grease and then uses sand and aquatic plants to further purify the water of bacteria, routing it across the street to a garden before it’s pumped back into the pool.

Naturbad Riehen will be large enough for 2,000 people to enjoy it every day and will include a lap pool, diving area, recreational swimming area and kids pool. While the overuse of concrete surfaces commonly seen at public pools reflect a lot of heat, grass absorbs it, and gives the complex the feel of a serene natural setting.

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