27 Space-Saving Tricks and Techniques for Tiny Houses

Where do people who live in tiny houses put all their stuff? How can they compact all of the necessities of daily life into 200 square feet or less? While tiny house dwellers typically have far fewer possessions than the rest of us, they do need storage and all the space-saving tricks they can get. Here are 27 of the most clever hacks and techniques for tiny houses, micro apartments, guest houses and other places where space is at a premium.

5 Super-Sneaky Storage Tricks

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Leave no space wasted – including the space behind your cabinet kickplate and just below the roof. Tammy Strobel of the Rowdy Kittens tiny house blog is using just about every nook and cranny in her 128-square-foot dwelling for that all-important extra storage. High in the air and low to the ground are potential storage spaces that are often overlooked. Strobel even built a hidden compartment under the kitchen counter, behind her narrow two-burner oven range and stovetop.

Hidden Bathroom Storage

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Even tiny bathrooms have the potential to store a lot more than you’d think when you consider every square inch of space that’s available. Narrow pull-out cabinets like these can pack a lot more than you’d think into otherwise unused space. Consider building nooks into the walls, as well.

4 Ultra-Compact Stair Designs

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Nearly every tiny house has a lofted bedroom, and many small apartments do, too. But you don’t have to take up unnecessary room or deal with a basic ladder in order to get up and down. Check out these four space-saving designs for stairs including a custom chest of drawers with steps on each side, narrow wall-mounted stairs, ship-style alternating stairs and steep stairs with built-in storage.

Marine-Style Wood Stoves

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A fireplace might seem like a sprawling luxury for a tiny house, and it is – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have wood heat. Small, super-efficient wood stoves put out just enough heat and don’t require excessive space between the stove and surrounding surfaces. Options include the popular Jøtul 602, the Morsø 1410 and marine stoves, which are made for boats.

2 Wall-Mounted Desks

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When not in use, it’s a shelf or a storage space that barely sticks out from the wall. But pull it out or fold it down and you’ve got a fully functional desk. These two smart desk designs include Deskbox by Arco, which slides out to create a work platform, and the Fold-Out Convertible Desk by Solutions, which closes into a 6-inch-deep cabinet.

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