Amazing Monumental Stone Sculptures by Chris Booth

This monumental sculpture almost looks like woven fabric at first. But once you get close enough to actually see the details, you can see that these beautiful works of earth art by Chris Booth are made of stone. Thousands of individual stones come together in unexpected structures and patterns honoring both nature and New Zealand’s local indigenous culture.

Of the top image, Nga Uri o Hinetuparimaunga, which is located in Hamilton, New Zealand, Booth says “The stone is symbolic of this earth. The need to symbolically protect five of the hinuera columns with an earth blanket or Kakahu, a protective woven pebble cloak, came to me from witnessing too much local, national and international disrespect for mother earth. Along with protection, the Kakahu also symbolically honors the wonder of mother earth.”

The stones used in each sculpture are often sourced on-site, as Booth is very aware of the environmental impact of his art. Many works symbolize notable natural features nearby; the curving stone columns of ‘Kaitiaki’ reference wind-bent branches of a pohutukawa tree.

Booth will be creating new works as part of an exhibition at Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Garden starting August 2nd.

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