Human-Sized Nests with Ladders and Slides in Big Sur

Literally giving us a bird’s-eye view of the world, these absolutely enchanting human-sized nests by artist Jayson Fann almost seem too cool to be real. Fann spends countless hours scouring nearby forests for suitable branches (without harming any trees) and then crafts them into swirling natural structures that can reach several stories in height.

Fann makes these ‘spirit nests’ for the Spirit Garden of Big Sur, California. Starting with a strong base structure that can support the weight of wet wood and human inhabitants, Fann bends the branches and secures them with counter-sunk screws that are hard to spot, giving the creations an even more natural feel.

Once you mount the ladder to get inside one of these nests, you’ll find a cozy interior fitted with exterior-grade rubber mats.

“The process consists of fitting the puzzle of branches into a flowing form that integrates structural integrity with artistic flow. I use tension by bending the wood and counter sunk screws that are virtually invisible to ensure a strong structure.”

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