Painted Pastures: 7 Amazing Colorful Fields & Meadows

Flowery fields of brilliant blooms in every color of the rainbow are a treat for the eyes and a tonic for the soul. These 7 amazing colorful fields and meadows span the spectrum from deepest violet to brightest white, challenging photographers to capture their beauty while testing their antihistamines.

Violet Vales

(image via: Goddess Huntress

Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido is famed for its sprawling fields of lavender nourished by copious rainfall and rich volcanic soils. The area around the city of Furano boasts an abundance of lavender farms and the lush, redolent fields of fragrant lavender draw tourists from across the nation and beyond.

(image via: Antony Spencer)

Lavender has been cultivated for centuries in Europe and the sight of ancient castles and country houses poking above soft mauve fields of blooming lavender is not to be missed in one’s lifetime. The ethereal scene above, seemingly brought to life from a glorious Turner watercolor via the photographic magic of Antony Spencer, hails from Faulkland, Somerset, in the United Kingdom. Rule Britannia!

Green Green Grass

(images via: Repapllaw and Gear Diary)

Who could guess the timeless Eden at above top can be found in northern Pakistan? The image just below is probably much more familiar, being it’s the aptly named “Bliss” default background screen from Windows XP. The scene isn’t a computer-generated image, nor does it depict the scenery around Microsoft’s Redmond, WA headquarters. Instead, the now-iconic vista captures the rolling verdant vineyards southeast of Sonoma, California, as snapped by professional photographer Charles O’Rear in 1996.

(image via: Inner Expansion Blog)

What’s a field without flowers? Something special, that’s what, especially if the grassy expanse is observed in conjunction with our planet’s varied and contrasting backdrop of sun, sky and atmosphere. It’s soothing just to view the image; imagine what it would be like to actually be there?

Mellow Yellow

(images via: Quintin Lake Blog, The Chosunilbo and Vtgohokies)

Rapeseed is an oilseed sometimes known as Canola (for obvious reasons) that is grown around the world, often in huge plantations. The brilliant tint of the flowers, their quantity on each plant, and the vast size of the planted fields combine to produce stunning yellow vistas which can be positively blinding on bright sunny days.

(image via: Tour Lijiang)

Some of the world’s largest rapeseed plantations can be found in Luoping County, located in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. The sprawling fields of rapeseed lap around bare Karst limestone cones giving the appearance of an alien yellow sea surrounding barren rocky islands.

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