Green and Gorgeous is this a Wind Turbine or Work of Art

When local residents oppose a planned wind energy project in their community, it’s usually because they object to the appearance of the turbines. But what if all wind turbines were not just ultra-efficient, providing plenty of clean, renewable energy, but also beautiful enough to display as art? The Hercules wind turbine design by Italian renewable energy firm Enessere is elegant and kinetic.

Designed by Terry Glenn Phipps, the Hercules turbine features arced wooden blades that weigh only slightly more than composite materials. These crisscrossing blades can harvest wind from any direction, boosting their energy-producing power.

While it’s not intended for use on large-scale wind farms, the Hercules is a sculptural and high-end choice for smaller installations, especially in urban areas where they’ll be highly visible.

Photographed inside a domed cathedral, the turbine looks like it could easily be an artistic installation rather than a functioning energy producer. Can you imagine an oil rig ever reaching this level of beauty?

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