Get Your Green Groove On with 12 Eco-Musical Electronics

It’s hard for electronics to be green. So much innovation happens so quickly that older products are quickly out of date, and most of those items end up in the trash. If more designers rethought not just the materials these products are made of but also how they could be reused when the product is obsolete, we’d be living in a much healthier world. These 12 greenish boom boxes, speakers, headphones, record players and more range from products that simply use materials a little more consciously to products that are about as green as it gets.

Boom Boxes Made of Repurposed Suitcases

(images via: inhabitat)

Vintage suitcases become colorful, one-of-a-kind boom boxes in the hands of artist Mr. Simo. The suitcases chosen for ‘BoomCases’ must be made from wood or leather for superior sound, because thin and plastic cases have poor acoustics. Not only do these awesome stereos re-use old materials in a clever way, they’re also beautiful. You can even get a solar charger in addition to the electric plug or batteries, if you like.

Grow Your Own Bamboo Stereo Speakers

(images via: dornob)

It’s just a concept, but it’s a fun idea – designer Jocko Chan envisions grow-your-own speakers that involve bamboo stalks sprouting from a powered base. Because they’re hollow inside, bamboo stalks offer natural acoustics; however, the inevitable variations involved with a live, growing material would likely affect audio quality.

Bamboo and Leather Whale-Shaped Speakers

(images via: serene audio)

These sculptural speakers by Serene Audio are the kind of electronic equipment you’d be proud to display in a prominent place in your home. Made of leather and FSC-certified bamboo, the speakers feature an abstracted whale-inspired shape.

House of Marley Dock, Headphones and Ear Buds

(images via: house of marley)

Not only are these high-end audio electronics stunningly designed, they’re also made of sustainable materials. House of Marley offers a range of audio products including the pictured iPod dock, headphones and ear buds, inspired by Bob Marley.

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