Stump Sculptures: 12 Amazing Altered Tree Trunks

Douglas by Tommy Craggs

(images via: treesculpting)

Sculptor Tommy Craggs has produced much more than just the cool creatures of Karnesborough. On his website, you can find dozens of tree sculptures located all over the world, including ‘Douglas in the Jungle’.

Old Man in the Tree by Glenn Durlacher

(images via:artsology)

Passersby marvel at the giant sculpture carved into a pine tree outside the home of chainsaw artist Glenn Durlacher in Lake George, New York. You can see more of Durlacher’s work here.

Tree Trunk Arcade

(image via: gameboom)

A section of tree trunk got an unlikely second life – as a sculpture of an arcade game. Called ‘Gameboom’ (boom means ‘tree’ in Dutch), the project was created by an arts collective in The Netherlands.

Sacred Groves by Lea Turto

(images via: inhabitat)

Temporarily covered in red felt, a series of tree trunks in a Finland forest stand out in sharp relief against the natural green and brown tones of their surroundings. Artist Lea Turto covered the trunks in Helsinki’s central park in a series called ‘The Sacred Realm of the Forest Elf’.

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