Haunted Earth: 14 Eerie Landscape Photos


The earth is a beautiful place, filled with too many awe-inspiring views of nature to count. But there’s also a dark side. That same river that sparkles in the sunlight turns ominous in the night. Ferocious oncoming storms fill us with a sense of dread. The pitch blackness of the forest warns us of the dangers that lurk within. These 15 incredibly creepy landscape photos capture that darkness to spine-tingling effect.

Le Croix des Maux by Tiquetonne2067

(image via: tiquetonee2067)

Of course, graveyards are an ideal location for shooting creepy landscape images. This one, enhanced by a red tinge to the sky, was taken in France.

Edge of the Woods by N. Salventius

(images via: n. salventius)

The edge of a dark forest looks ominous enough even on a bright sunny day, but add dark clouds and a strange pattern in the grass – which add up to what looks like a face in the landscape – and it’s extra creepy.

Northern Lights by Rob

(image via: -robw-)

The eerie green glow of Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as ‘Northern Lights’, seems to hint at an imminent alien invasion in this photograph of the Iceland sky by Rob W. Northern Lights are a natural atmospheric event that can be seen from Arctic regions.

Apocalypse by Bianca van der Werf

(image via: biancavanderwerf)

Bianca van deer Werf captures an approaching storm that looms over a single dead tree clinging to the edge of a cliff in the appropriately named digital creation, ‘Apocalypse’.

Ghosts in the Woods by Colin Campbell

(images via: bruiach)

What lurks within the trees? Photographer Colin Campbell notes that whenever he takes this path through the woods in Bruiach, Scotland, a solitary figure seems to wait for him at the end, disappearing as he gets close.

Glowing Eye by Orvaratli

(images via: orvaratli)

Iceland’s peculiar icy landscape becomes ever more eerie during the eruption of a volcano. This image was captured by Arctic photographer Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson during the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in March 2010.

Looming Storm by Garmonique

(images via: garmonique)

What is it about such a thick blanket of dark, heavy clouds that inspires a sense of dread in our hearts? This landscape photo seems to capture the moment just before an apocalyptic storm unleashes its fury on the earth.

Forgotten Idols by Radonich Aleksandra

(images via: radonich aleksandra)

The scarecrows are coming – run! Radonich Aleksandra shot this strange grouping in Serbia, explaining that remains of pagan idols from the past, which still dot the countryside, are often either turned into crosses or covered in scarecrow-like clothing.

Abandoned House by Erling Sivertsen

(image via: erlingsi)

Seeing what should otherwise be a warm, happy and welcoming home fall into such a state of disrepair can be a disconcerting experience, making us think about how fragile our lives can be. Add in the gloom of a winter landscape, complete with an opaque forest and a translucent veil of fog, and the image looks like a still shot from a horror movie.

Dead Tree in Fog by John Batte

(image via: john batte)

Four classic components of a scary landscape combine in this image by John Batte: a dead tree, a dark forest, gray clouds and fog. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a place like this by yourself.

En Noche Como Esta by Luis Mariano Gonzalez

(image vía: una cierta mirada)

The black silhouettes of birds perched in wispy tree branches against a full moon make a postcard-perfect Halloween image.

Tree Man by Mike Orso

(image via: photo mo)

Imagine walking through the woods and looking up to see a man’s face in the branches. It’s not an optical illusion. Artist Joseph Wheelwright installed several humanoid tree sculptures on the lawn of the Katonah Museum of Art in New York. They’ve got a slightly ominous feeling during the day, but their watchful eyes would be downright disturbing at night.

After Dark by Fussel

(image via: fussel)

The trees and birds are barely discernible in this shot, because all we can focus on is that big, bright full moon. The moon has long inspired frightening myths, legends and stories.

Hanging in the Woods by Josh Thipparat

(image via: byjosh)

You know what makes the woods even scarier than they can already be on their own? Adding a few ghosts. Sure, it’s a bit of a cheap trick, but you can’t say you wouldn’t jump if you saw them while on a hike.

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