Garden to Go: Vegetation Takes Over Chicago Train Car

As part of the world’s largest mobile art exhibit, Art on Track, one Chicago Transit train car was taken over by grass and other local plants. For five hours, passengers had the pleasure of walking on lush grasses, admiring lovely blossoms and sitting on a thick lawn – all while riding the train around Chicago’s downtown loop.

(images via: Colossal)

The Mobile Garden car is the work of nonprofit arts group noisivelvet. Thanks to donations from local businesses and gardens, the train car was outfitted with a variety of indigenous plants that helped to bring the outdoors into the normally-barren transit system. Members of the Chicago art community were on hand to discuss not only the Mobile Garden car, but the entire Art on Track exhibit.

The Mobile Garden is in itself an opportunity for noisivelvet to garner support for their dream project: an open-air CTA car planted with a mobile garden that will be towed behind a CTA train for an entire month. The project will promote urban stewardship encourage the use of sustainable, responsible materials.

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