Chic and Natural: 13 More Rustic Modern Interiors

Who says you have to choose between rustic and modern interior design? When blended together, these two seemingly disparate styles provide a beautiful balance of sleek, airy minimalism and weathered natural charm. These 13 (more!)  renovated barns, mills, lofts and other aged spaces benefit from leaving time-worn surfaces intact.

A Modern Home in a Historic Mill

(image via: freshome)

First constructed by monks in the 12th century, this structure in Extramadura, Spain then became an oil mill and is today a jaw-dropping home. Architect Ricardo Elizondo added modern touches like large expanses of glass and lofts with steel railings, which contrast with the weathered wood, brick and stone surfaces.

Exposed Timber

(image via: lonnymag)

Aging wooden walls are stunning, but sometimes a bit busy. White drywall applied to the large surfaces of the interior walls break up the texture, while the exposed timber beams add geometric visual interest.

A Study in Textures

(image via: 1kinddesign)

A historic barn in Connecticut was renovated and modernized by New York-based architecture firm Russell Groves. The result – leaving most of the original stone and wood of the structure intact while knocking down a few walls and adding plenty of white – is open, airy and richly textured.

Residence St. Hubert

(image via: mocoloco)

Plasse Rasselet Architects painted the wood in this St. Hubert, Quebec home white to open up the interior.”The materials chosen were left in their natural state, as raw as possible, to create an authentic ambiance,” say the architects.

House of Brinson

(image via: remodelista)

“Our aesthetic is about contrast,” say homeowners Susan and William Brinson, “Black and white, light and dark, masculine and feminine, old and new, rustic and modern.” Their New York loft pairs weathered vintage furniture with sleek, chic modern materials.

Stone Dining Room

(image via: colors of life)

Modern furnishings and accessories fit seamlessly into an environment that looks like a castle in this incredible stone dining room.

White & Wood Townhouse by TBHC

(image via: digsdigs)

Mixing modern and vintage elements, this 4-story townhouse renovation in Park Slope, New York earns extra points for pairing a rustic dining table with ultramodern chairs, not to mention the worn sliding wood door.

Beams, Stone & Exposed Chimney

(images via: delight by design)

Rough textured wood and stone are perfectly offset by angular modern cabinets and tabletops in this kitchen renovation. The exposed chimney draws the eye upward to take in the height of the ceiling.

Built-in Niches in Wood Wall

(image via: imgfave)

Asymmetrical built-in niches give this all-wood wall an interesting geometric look.

Dramatic Staircase

(image via: griege design)

A modern, organically shaped staircase with a solid black balustrade gives this natural, rustic home – complete with exposed tree trunks in the ceiling – even more visual flair.

Black and Wood in the Kitchen

(image via: style files)

Matte black paint goes beautifully with a concrete floor and unfinished wood in this stylish kitchen in the Netherlands.

Renovated Dutch Farmhouse

(images via: style files)

This renovated Dutch farmhouse may have been made modern with sleek surfaces and white paint, but rustic touches still come through in the use of knobby wood accents.

Rustic Loft Interior Renovation

(images via: woovaa)

Peeling paint on the aged bricks of this renovated loft, paired with distressed concrete floors, give the space a sense of history that balances nicely with modern decor.

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