Vegan Heaven: 7 Deliciously Ful(filling) Dessert Recipes

It’s not always easy to whip up a restaurant quality dessert without taking away valuable time and effort from the meal itself, and it’s especially hard for the discriminating vegan cook. We’ve combed the internet for some of the best vegan dessert recipes, with the hope that some of these will be perfect for one’s next party, or just a fun night spent at home. 

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If ice cream substitutes have become boring and a chilly dessert with a little bit of chocolate crunch sounds appealing, these Peppermint Frozen Bananas are up the right culinary alley. Easy to make, and damn tasty to boot, this treat can be made with as few as 5 ingredients. Root around in the refrigerator, because there may be enough ingredients to give these a go right now.

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When one wants to feed a party with a delightful tray of snacks, this awesome recipe magically creates 30 delicious truffles, perfect for a large gathering, or as a consistent treat all week. One had better like coconut before giving these truffles a shot, but no matter one’s particular tastes, it’s impossible not to feel one’s stomach stirring while looking at these fantastic snacks.

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Anyone who was ever a child loves rice krispy treats. The same goes for peanut butter chocolate. When the two are combined, the dessert feast that results could fuel one’s appetite all day. One should definitely try out this vegan recipe if the images above are making them drool.

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Vegan Carrot-Oatmeal cookies may sound a bit odd, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a delectable twist of some classic favorites. A blend of carrots, coconuts, and oatmeal cookies, the result is quite a (delicious) mouthful.

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This eye-catching dessert has a long name, and isn’t short on taste either. If one’s party guests ever request a cacao pistachio florentine mint ice cream sandwich… look no further. From the fine chefs over at GreenChef, this large dessert is not for the amateur chef, but one can be assured of a gourmet result.

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If one has a sweet tooth but needs to justify a hearty dessert, why not try one that’s high in protein (which makes it healthy, right?). Chocolate truffle mousse with a whipped vanilla topping and some luscious strawberries are just what the doctor ordered! Wow one’s friends, or just one’s stomach, with this spoonful by spoonful trip to heaven.

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We’ve displayed the easy recipes and the not so easy, so we decided to end with the simplest of them all. So, for those who have read through the selections above and been shocked and awed by the steps required… calm down and check this delicious recipe out: lemon cookies + sorbet. Easy, right? Enjoy!

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