Hunter Stabler: Visions In Papercutting

Hunter Stabler is an extraordinary papercutter who has elevated the craft to new levels. With a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, Hunter was well educated in the skills necessary to pursue his art. Though he specialized in painting, his career has taken a different turn.

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Hunter Stabler’s work combines incredibly intricate details into complicated larger works. It’s easy to get lost in the details of his work, though the big picture ends up telling its own marvelous story.

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Hunter Stabler’s work is always beautiful, but its form sometimes has a function, as the clock example well demonstrates. Whether one admires Hunter’s work for its aesthetics, or the incredible skill it showcases, his work can be found in shows across the country.

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Intricacy is Hunter Stabler’s bread and butter. His work contains layers of complex styling and repetitive cuts that turn his works into a maze. A close view is stunning, as the finer details come to light.

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While the details of Hunter’s work is the real meat of his effort, it wouldn’t mean anything if the bigger picture wasn’t noteworthy as well. Part of the fun of Hunter Stabler’s papercuts come from the fact that they can be admired on every level – from the big picture down to the smallest detail.

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Hunter Stabler proves the point that any material, combined with enough skill and vision, can be turned into something wonderful. The use of unconventional materials in innovative ways is one of the greatest features of the newest generation of artists who don’t let any boundaries prevent them from showcasing their vision.

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