12 Weird Animals And Unearthly Creatures

Gross looking creatures and creepy crawlies hold a certain fascination. It’s hard not to be interested in creatures that evolved on the same planet, but in such unusual ways. From the mundane ugly Condor to the creepiest monsters from the ocean floor, take a look at some of the world’s most unusual beasts.

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The last seen snub-nosed monkey was killed and later eaten, but hopefully it wasn’t the last of its kind. Villagers claim these monkeys sneeze when it begins to rain because of their unusual noses. At the current rate, these animals will be extinct within a few years, if they aren’t already.

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The Shoebill is a stork-like bird with a very interesting and endearing face. Its large, mottled, bill gives it a distinctive appearance that is not so much attractive as… interesting.

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The ocean still holds many secrets, and here are a few examples. Pictured above are a species of furry crab, the aptly named sea pig, the dumbo octopus, a type of sea slug, and a colorful sea urchin. Be glad these animals are confined to the ocean, as they would not be welcome into most homes.

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The giant isopod is a deep sea creature found in the cold depths of the atlantic. They can grow up to 14 inches long, nearly three times the length of their normal sized relatives. Like a mix between a crab and a millipede, these terrifying creatures are a blast from the Earth’s past.

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The condor is well known for its large wing span (up to 10 feet) and overall size (up to 54 inches, beak to tail). The ugly mug of the California Condor is put to shame by the graceful looking face of its larger relative, the Andean Condor.

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The tube nosed fruit bat is cute in a very strange way. It’s named after its extremely odd protruding nose. These wacky looking creatures come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes, with new sub species being discovered to this day.

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The Ajolote and the Armadillo have front digging claws, and a scaly, reptilian appearance in common. Both animals are very unusual in appearance and have an insatiable desire to eat bugs. These armored monsters definitely top the list of odd branches in evolution.

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