Guerilla Green Graffiti: Mossy Urban Art Brings Nature Home

The closest most graffiti taggers get to being green is using spray paint cans that don’t contain CFC’s, but some guerilla green graffiti artists are taking their art to a new level. Few people would complain about having their building tagged with beautiful greenery, to the point that people will gladly pay to have their buildings tagged.

(Images via pingmag, alternativeconsumer, inhabitat, thegrowspot)

Patrick Blanc is an expert at de-urbanizing city dwellings and commercial buildings. In places where every tree is isolated in brick, it’s amazingly refreshing to walk upon a building with an organic green side. The mixture of high tech windows with cool greenery is a stunning juxtaposition.

(Images via mashupculture)

Morten Flyverbom likes green transportation; literally. His creations include a moss fuzzy volkswagen bug and tree carved bicycle. While his work is not the most functional, it’s definitely visually stunning.

(Images via inspiringcities, kuyichi, brokencitylab)

Anna Garforth can make a plain brick wall stunning with a mossy quote that looks mundane at first, until a closer look reveals the substance behind its form.

(Images via made-in-london, elizabethabernathy, bumbumbum)

Green artists are all about reminding viewers that nature is out there, and could easily be incorporated into the urban life. When sidewalks seem like the natural state of the world, it’s time to take a trip into the country, and don’t forget to bring back a little green graffiti to share the joy.

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