4 of the Most Unusual Green Products and Processes

Green technology often revolves around new and interesting uses of old products and processes. Innovation can often seem strange and… a little bit gross, at least, in these cases. Here are some of the most unusual green techniques to come out of the environmental sector:

(Images via ecofashionworld, cnet, treehugger)

These clothing items look great, and the icky factor only comes in when you realize these creations are made with used cigarette butts. Alexandra Guerrero, a fashion designer, is the pioneer behind this re-imagining of a notoriously abundant material.

(Images via 2dayblog, yankodesign)

These Eco Urinals allow a man to wash his hands while urinating, and then use the dirty wash water to flush. This saves time and water, and gives men no excuse to be unhygienic. We can credit this design concept to Yeongwoo Kim. I’d love to see some of his ideas for toilets.

(Images via designerhandbagspro, examiner, dogtime, dogtime, designerhandbagspro)

Danelle German, tired of throwing out clumps of her cat’s shed hair, decided to do something about it, and she did. Enter the Catty Shack, a company that creates custom handbags out of discarded cat fur from grooming. Reuse in any form is exciting, though I’m not sure my girlfriend would want one of these for her birthday.

(Images via panbo, superyachttimes, cld)

Earthrace is Pete Bethune’s creation: an extremely powerful and swift boat that broke the world record for circumnavigating the globe (about 61 days). The most interesting aspect of this boat is its fuel source: Biodiesel.

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