Candy Wrappers: A Sweet Way To Reuse and Recycle

Candy wrappers are incredibly environmentally unfriendly… individually wrapped candies the size of a quarter can leave a pile of garbage in front of you, and invariably, a lot of them will end up on the ground due to unscrupulous consumers. A great way to dispel your candy guilt is to fashion eco friendly items out of these colorful wrappers. Here’s a look at some of the awesome and uniques crafts one can make with candy wrappers:

(Images via ecouterre, candywrapperpurses, thisnext, juteandjackfruit)

Candy wrapper purses can look surprisingly elegant, just be sure you’re picking an appropriately sophisticated candy bar… unless you’re going for the kooky bright and festive look. In that case, time for some Starbursts!

(Images via sessionmagazine, rubyreusable, cutoutandkeep, community)

Candy wrapper dresses are a bit of an intense undertaking, but there are a ton of tutorials and templates online that teach you everything you need to know about fashioning a prom dress that nobody will expect (or forget).

(Images via dvlplife, hubpages, ecouterre, inhabitat)

I’m a fan of the jagged sharp edged candy wrapper purses – as they seem more futuristic to my untrained eye. There are an endless variety of color combinations, shapes, and sizes. If you decide not to buy candy just to have enough of one particular wrapper, simply pick a colorful combination of what you’ve already eaten.

(Images via myplumpudding, makezine, tiffanytomato, greatgreengoods)

Candy wrapper accessories are a great way to accomplish less intense (sometimes) projects but with the same creativity and bright color combinations. You can put together a belt, decorate picture frames, or even create necklaces and other jewelry.

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