Revealing Your Inner Beast: Amazing Animal Tattoos

People show their appreciation of nature and the ecosystem in different ways; some people join a commune and begin a sustainable, vegan existence, while others simply signify their love for nature by tattooing it onto their back. Some people do all of these things. Here are some of the coolest, and in some cases, most random animal tattoos you’ve never seen:

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Wolves are a classic image of untamed nature. Favored by loners who are proud of their ability to howl out their emotions at the moon, it’s also great for those who have more of a pack mentality, and like how this animal is fierce and independent, but works closely and loyally in a group. It also has beautiful features and frightening teeth. These examples show there are a lot of ways to go with your wolf tattoo.

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Giraffes would not be my first guess for an animal tattoo, but  apparently they hold powerful meaning for some people. I have to say my favorite is the connect the dots example (the red lines are marker… the tattoo typically just looks like dots), though I’d worry about too much interaction from strangers itching to draw on your leg to see what it reveals.

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Elephants have held much significance in a lot of cultures, but any nature lover can appreciate their intelligence, power, and loyalty to one another. If you’ve ever seen elephants mourning over a fallen comrade, it’s heart wrenching. You have to have a lot of room and a great artist to pull this off well, but the results can be well worth it.

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I originally thought a cow tattoo would be incredibly strange, imagining the image in the second photo as the only possible outcome of that train of thought. The beauty and quality of the first tattoo changed my attitude, however, as it’s beautifully done. If you want to show serenity, or loyalty to a home state known for its’ cheese, just be sure you get an inspired tattoo artist to do the work.

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Bats are frightening, unique, and if you walk three feet in a library you’ll find yourself tripping over a book that features their mythology prominently. Whether you’ve decided to get tattooed with a bat because of your love of vampires, or it’s entirely because of your love for that particular animal, you have to be careful of what conclusions people will jump to. Regardless of the meaning behind it, bat tattoos have a lot of room to be amazing.

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