Happy Fourth of July: 7 x 4 = 28 Patriotic Animal Pictures

(Images via: Photobucket, Costume Cats, Flickr, Costume Dogs, Critteristic, PBase)

While dressing animals in clothing can certainly exude a level of creepiness, it’s all good when done for patriotic purposes, right? Whatever the case, it’s all about the red, white and blue on this day for these proud-to-be-American dogs, cats, squirrels, horses, turtles and guinea pigs.

Hot Dogs: Dressed for Success & the Best Country Going

(Images via: Costume Dogs, Bag of Nothing, Downtown Pets)

Straight out of a political convention, these patriotic dogs are styling and profiling on Independence Day, with the mutt in the upper right casting a mug worthy of a presidential profile and the fellow in the lower left literally going above and beyond for the United States. As for the tongue-wagging pup on the lower right, he or she is primarily concerned if this paint job will ever rub off.

Independence Day: (Hardly) Independent, Patriot Dogs

(Images via: A Dog Lover’s Blog, Juliannah by Design, Dachshunds Dressed for Show)

Not sure that these dogs know what’s been done to them by their owners, but there’s no need for the guy in the lower left to take a plunge. Rather, the canine in the upper left has the perfect attitude, sleeping it off until things return to normal. As for the Statue of Liberty, here’s hoping that this dog is a she and not a he, as that would be rather demeaning.

Two More Patriotic (But Less Than Enthusiastic) Dogs

(Images via: The Pet Boutique)

Speaking of demeaning, the two pictures above reflect patriotism gone wild. Come on now: patriotic dog shirts and two-piece swim suits! How many bags of Kibble-N-Bits were given to these model dogs, which certainly don’t look like the happiest or most willing participants around. In these tough economic times, a paycheck is a paycheck.

The Cats in the Uncle Sam Top Hats

(Images via: Costume Cats, Snuzzy, Almanac, Ilxor, Fur All Over, Flickr)

Mad props to the owners of the cats in the upper left and on the right, as it had to take a long time to get their felines into those patriotic pet costumes. As for the other patriotic cats, it goes without saying that these guys know what it takes to exude a casual yet cool look on a sweltering Fourth of July.

The Patriotic Squirrel, Tortoise and Bunny Rabbit

(Images via: Ilxor, Flickr, Justin Space)

For his Fourth of July, this wannabe-Framer squirrel is participating in a reenactment of the drawing up of the Declaration of Independence. For Mr. Tortoise, he is slowly but surely taking part in an Independence Day Parade. And this silly rabbit is chilling out at a July 4th barbecue, waiting for some tasty eats.

The Animal Flag Bearers

(Images via: Fat Knowledge, Cowboys and Sunsets, Ilxor)

Taking one small step for mankind, this patriotic squirrel has firmly claimed the surrounding land for the United States. Performing their own pledge of allegiance, these two horses are contemplating what the red, white and blue symbolize. As for the pink-rimmed dog, he’s just saved the flag from being buried in a hole in the backyard. All kidding aside, the Fourth of July is a day of celebration and respect. Have a safe and happy Independence Day.

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