Eco-Friendly: 16 Innovative & Awesome LED Art Sculptures

LEDs consume less energy and maintain a longer lifetime. Combining LEDs with art can have visually stunningly results. These large-scale LED sculptures were on an open-air stage of installations, exhibitions, works of art and design. Here are 16 aesthetically pleasing LED art sculptures that respect the environment while providing modern designs of energy-saving lighting solutions.

Fabulous Artworks of Italian Light Sculpture Festival

Light-based art lit up Xuanwu Lake Park in Nanjing, China, during the Italian Light Sculpture Festival. The “Light Tunnel,” on the left, was 450 meters or 1,476 feet, long. The three-dimensional murals were built into 75 light groupings which blend to make 13 Italian Baroque-style outdoor landscapes.

Reflecting off the mountain lake was a planned part of the LED sculptures, meant to enhance the differences of light and shadows.

Romance and reality merged in a brilliant illumination, yet managed to use one-tenth of incandescent light power consumption.

(image credits: chinagate)

These complex LED sculptures comprised the largest light sculpture festival ever held in China. The lighted Baroque art incorporated traditional elements of architectural aesthetics to create a celebration with a “classic, beautiful, magnificent, green” theme.

Italian LED Light Sculpture Artwork

Each LED sculpture, like the above “St. Mark’s Cathedral,” constantly changed by flashing 10 different colors.  It was 90 meters, 295 feet wide, and stood 7-stories-high.

(image credits: nanjing)

Most of the energy efficient and light-based art stood at least four-stories-high.  Music played in sync with the phenomenal light show. The Lightscribe art was on display for 45 days.

LED Kiss

(image credits: led festival)

The City of Milan ran a contest to decorate the metropolis with LED lights.”Objectives: enhance the talent of young Italian and International designers, promote creativity and innovation and encourage the sharing of public spaces in full respect of the environment.” Of the many designs submitted for consideration, 30 projects were selected and developed for an international festival of light. The LED (light exhibition design) image above is called, “Kiss.” It was located at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Each kiss under the enormous mistletoe, illuminated by blue light, cost 1 euro and was donated to help save children from famine in Uganda.

LED Canal

(image credits: led festival)

Located at the Grand Canal, the Bridge of Duty, this LED light installation was called, “Switch.” People who passed by could slide a handle, “turn on your canal,” and decide the color of the bridge and the intensity of glare on the water below.

LED Braille

(image credits: led festival)

Entitled, “Feel the Light” this LED sculpture was installed on a route from the Institute of the Blind. It was described as, “A path of light and words designed for the blind. The panels are composed of Microluci LED writing sentences in Braille.”

LED Volcano

(image credits: led festival)

This volcano of light was called, “Fiesta de Luz” and was installed at the Piazza Duca d’Aosta. “A volcano of light flows from the Metro in the center of the square opposite the Central Station location.”

LED Man & Fashion

(image credits: technology webblog,led festival)

First in Milan there was life-sized LED light sculpture of a man. LED man was called, “The Man With No Shadow.” Then they dressed a monument in an LED coat.

More Awesome LED Art

(image credits: neublack,arqshow,led festival)

At the top left is “Volume,” an LED sculpture of light and sound that responds to human movement to create a series of audio-visual experiences. On the right is “Sitooterie,” a glass and metal sculpture and also a building with seating inside. The bright green illumination is an LED light sculpture called, “The Tree of Ladybugs.”


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