Seed Bomb Vending Machines Sowing Covert Green Thumbs

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Would you believe that in some regions of the world, engaging in guerrilla gardening is a somewhat subversive and punishable offense? It hardly seems like a crime to restore the former botanical luster to a now-neglected section of one’s city, but the problem revolves around those who choose to indulge their green thumbs without enduring local legislative loopholes and never ending bureaucratic red tape first. Stepping onto public property without an official a-okay is perceived as a form of veggie vandalism, no matter how herbaceous your intentions are. That’s when seed bombing becomes especially handy, enabling those with a hankering for instant inner-city greenification to take back the streets without risking a trip in the paddywagon.

(Images via:  Lush USA, MemineCaroline, Natural Home Magazine, Sustainy, Guerrilla Gardener)

Making quick business of the seeding process, everyone from bright eyed novices to been-around-the-block-a-few-times guerrilla gardeners can easily create their own biodegradable and propel-worthy “grenades” using a basic mixture of seeds, clay, earthworm castings, and water. Stir it all together and what have you got? A moldable mud pie blend that can be formed into individual meatball like orbs which, when strategically flung into barren plots, will sow the seeds of potential floral glory (as long as you revisit the scene of your crime every now and again to coax them along with a little water).

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Ahhh, but all of this may be daunting to a well-intentioned, midnight skulking gardening anarchist…which is why Greenaid’s pre-made versions are so darn nifty! No more dirt under your fingernails…no more shaking down local earthworms for their highly coveted garden gold. Now, residents far and wide can benefit from the simple convenience of no fuss no muss, perfectly civilized eco-criminalistic seed bombs dispensed from repurposed quarter-operated candy machines. Concrete jungles are soooo cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

(Images via: CommonStudio)

Trading gumballs for Cottonwood, Sycamore and Oak-embedded seedbombs may initially make school children scratch their heads and wax poetic for the simpler days of gobstopper-induced sugar rushes, but environmental awareness is inarguably the wave of the present and future. Parents, teachers and eager greenies can easily help Greenaid’s clever seed spreading project catch on among impressionable youth, explaining that their actions will contribute to a greater, greener future for us all (as long as they look in both directions, fling and “Run Forest, runnnn”). Additionally, these dispensing systems can be installed in parks, business lobbies, churches watering holes, offering more wizened individuals the opportunity to make a measurable impact, one covertly chucked seed ball at a time. You’ve really got to seed it to believe it ;)

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