Kick Back & Relax: 26 Soothing Water on the Rocks Photos

There is something peaceful about watching water run over rocks as if it helps wash the stress from your body. Water helps relax you, clearing the mind, renewing the spirit. Nature is amazing with the ever changing emotions she can invoke, from excitement and adventure to rest and relaxation. So kick back and relax with these 26 soothing water on the rocks photos.

Rocks & Water

(image credits:israphel waterscapes,israphel waterscapes)

The seascape on top was taken Praia da Ursa in Portugal. It’s a hiking adventure to reach this little-frequented beach, but the effort is rewarded by superb scenery that is dominated by huge rock formations at the beach. The photo on the bottom was a long exposure at sunrise on Praia do Camilo, Lagos, also in Portugal. There are a number of small coves and little beaches which can be accessed if you’re prepared to climb, or to swim, or to boat around. Both places offer good snorkelling opportunities, fascinating rock formations, and sea grottos.

Water & Land

(image credits:antispy,Andreas Resch)

The photographer called the photo on the left “Water, Land and Sky” and says it is one of the best shots he got in “paradise.” Whatever warm tropical place where he snapped this incredible image, we wish you could kick back and relax there. The picture on the right is called “The Dark Gorge” and was taken in Lammeröfen, Salzburg, Austria. You can see where this was on the map.


(image credits:stimpy,theon07)

“Serenity II” on the left was taken at a 60 foot tall waterfall near Plotter Kill Preserve, New York. On the right, the “Waterfall Detail” was taken at Cullasaja Falls in North Carolina. This falls was also affectionately named “Broccoli Tower.”

Blue Paradise

(image credit:tinypic)

This scene can be found around the Net named Blue Paradise or Azure Paradise, but the actual location is not stated. Nevertheless, it looks warm and soothing, a great place to kick back and relax. If you are somewhere cold or stormy, we wish you could visit here to hear the waves crashing and feel the wet sand between your toes as the sun smiles down upon you.

Fire & Euphoria

(image credits:solkku,solkku)

“Line of Fire” on the left was snapped at sunset in Pellinge which is an islet outside Porvoo in Finland. “Euphoria” on the right is another seascape taken in Finland. This time, however, this shot was captured in Porkala which is a cape outside Helsinki.

Dark Moods

(image credits:coulombic,Alex Wise Photography)

Most times, water on the rocks is soothing. However nature can always match any mood. Her sounds of rushing water are sometimes more of a tempest’s roar. The photographer said of “Devil’s Churn” on the left, “You see, it’s not just an incredible natural attraction, it’s more than that — it’s the way I saw it: dark, foreboding, gloomy, etc.” It was taken in Devil’s Churn State Park along the Oregon coastline. On the right, this picture is called “Seascape” and was taken at Park Beach, Tasmania.

Dobra Voda

(image credit: 1x)

This winter waterscape picture is called “Dobra Voda” and it was taken in the Czech Republic. Dobrá Voda also means “good water.” Summers in the Czech Republic are relatively rainy and warm, while winters are cold, cloudy and snowy.


(image credit:Raym’s Photosite)

Not all beaches are sandy. These photos were taken on a stormy day along the North Sea where the beaches are covered in colored pebbles.  The image on the left is called “Rabble Beach” while the image on the right is called “Golden Rocks.”

Golden Light

(image credits: jjuuhhaa,jadden)

“Fall River” on top was taken at Kuusamo, Finland. It looks like a spectacular place to get away from it all during the fall season. The image on the bottom was captured at the Island of Madeira, Portugal, and is called “Days Gone By.” The golden rays of the sun play over the rocks and water, looking like a lovely place to reflect on life.

Pinks & Purples

(image credits:1x,israphel waterscapes,israphel waterscapes)

Slangkop Lighthouse has been operational since 1919. It is the tallest cast iron tower on the South African Coast, 100 feet from base to its balcony. On the top right, Guincho Beach, Portugal, is a popular surfing spot. On the bottom, Parede in Portugal is known for very rocky beaches with lots of animal biodiversity.

Water & Rocks For Any Mood

(image credits:Antonio Androsiglio,EbruSidar,Alex Wise Photography,israphel waterscapes,Desktop Nexus)

There are waterscapes with rocks and water to fit any mood and in all different colors, located all around the world. The top left is called “A place where dream…” and the top right is titled “No where for run away.” The gorgeous waterfall was taken in Tasmania, Australia. The stone steps next to the sea was snapped at Monte Clerigo, Portugal. The rocks and water on the bottom right were captured in Antelope Valley, California.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

(image credit:perfectprints)

This particular somewhere over the rainbow was captured in Farewell Spit, South Island, New Zealand. The area got its name after Captain James Cook said “Farewell” to the land and he left these shores of New Zealand in 1770. There are some great Eco Tours around this lovely area.

Wailau Beach Rainbow

(image credit:Nature’s Best Photography)

The world’s highest sea cliffs line the north coast of Molokai island, Hawaii, near the remote Wailau Beach. Wailau, means “Many Waters.” It is a tribute to the abundant waterfalls in the area. Nearly impenetrable by foot, this wild coast area is easiest to reach by boat.

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