Get Outta Town! 10 Super Helpful Eco-Travel Links

Is the winter getting to you? The cold, dark, short days have a way of making us yearn for a change of scenery. For many destinations winter is the off-season, meaning you can get a better deal if you go now. Even if you’re not ready to go today, these links from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green will help you get away in solid eco style on your next vacation.

Eco-Travel Tips

Confused about how to make traveling more green? Here are a few tips to make your travel plans a bit more eco-friendly, and here are a few more to help you find green accommodations no matter where you’re headed. If you still don’t know where, exactly, you’d like to spend your getaway, Planet Green’s Green City Guides can help you out with info on green accommodations and activities in cities around the world.

Meaningful Travels

Many of us wish that we could make our travels not only more sustainable, but more meaningful as well. It’s fun to walk around in a fresh new city and take in the sights, but does it really change the world for the better? This short article about Reality Tours could very well help start you down the path to more meaningful, beneficial traveling.

Top Ten Green Getaways of 2009

Every year since 2003, National Geographic has ranked and published their top picks for naturally beautiful tourist destinations. Treehugger has a slideshow of the top 10 for 2009, along with descriptions of each destination.

Stunning Waterfront Camping

Most of us don’t exactly have camping on our minds this time of year, but planning ahead is always a good thing. Treehugger compiled 10 of the best waterfront camping destinations in the US, from Alaska to North Carolina and lots of places in between. If you’re looking for a non-US camping experience, check out these 10 most beautiful waterfront campgrounds around the world.

Hiking in US National Parks

The great outdoors is what green traveling is all about. Fresh air, new places to explore, and a chance to enjoy your favorite activities in a new way. Visit one or more of these 10 national parks to enjoy some of the country’s best hiking in some of the country’s most beautiful locations.

Weird Eco-Resorts

If your tastes run toward the quirky and unexpected, you’ll love this guide to seven of the world’s oddest environmentally-friendly resorts and hotels. From mushroom-shaped huts to a literal hole in the ground, these accommodations are definitely off the beaten eco-path.

Luxury Eco-Resorts

If you, on the other hand, enjoy the finer things in life, don’t worry – you don’t have to spend your vacation sleeping in a tree to make your travels more eco-friendly. These 7 luxurious oceanfront resorts will give you the experience of a lifetime. Plus, learn which questions to ask to determine if a resort you’re looking at is eco-friendly.

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