8 Outlandish Pet Costumes for Furry Friends

(Images via: PhotoBucket, Ecollo, Guzer, PhotoBucket)

For some people, there’s always room to make their pets even cuter. Hence the fascination with pet costumes, an apparently popular way to add a little spice to the look of pet dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and even monkeys. At least with pets, as opposed to kids, there’s no worry about getting any static about the clothes you’re forcing them to wear. From the highly creative to the absurd, you may be a bit surprised by some of the pet costumes below. But hey, it’s all in good fun, right?

Being Man’s Best Friend Apparently Isn’t Enough

(Images via:ABC News, Costume Dogs, IC Mag)

Just as there are many breeds to choose from when seeking a man’s best friend for a pet, there are many costumes to take your dog from ordinary to extraordinary. You may already think your dog is a superstar, but now the proof is in the pudding. If dressing up your dog as Darth Vader or Superman isn’t to your liking, you can always dress it up as a wannabe baller (dogs can do more than stupid pet tricks). But how do you think this small pooch feels about his costume? Guess, it’s better than peeping out of a purse all day, a la Paris Hilton’s poor pup.

The Many Lives (and Looks) of the Domesticated Cat

(Images via: Freakin Weird, Flickr Guzer, Flickr)

Cats have been known for having nine lives, but apparently they have many alter egos as well. For some reason, some cat owners seem fascinated with making their cats something they’re not – that is a frog or a dinosaur. While some of these owners can’t be Harry Potter or Little Red Riding Hood, their cats can. While you may have never been able to play the guitar, that doesn’t mean your cat can’t. What do you think of this cool cat rocking the southpaw ax? And it doesn’t even seem that horrified.

Coming Soon to a Mall near You: Guinea Pig Gap

(Images via: Telegraph, Zimbio, Flickr, Image Shack)

Did you know that a Peruvian festival celebrates the guinea pig in several unique ways? Some guinea pigs are dressed up in elaborately crafted costumes while others are eaten as a delicacy at this festival. Kind of defeats the purpose, one would guess? Back in the United States, one guinea pig seems disappointed about being a bumble bee for Halloween, while another looks like it would make a wonderful maid. Here’s a couple of interesting questions: how much time does it take to make these guinea pig clothes and how do people get these costumes on these little buggers?

Silly Rabbits: Kicks are for Kids

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Not all rabbits are candy, fun and games like the Easter Bunny, Bugs Bunny and the crazy Trix rabbit. These two guys are trying to overcome these stereotypes from their famous predecessors by showing off another side: that is one of seriousness and all business. Oh wait. Looks like this fella on the right is literally a Playboy Bunny. Apparently you can’t teach an old bunny new tricks.

Monkey Business

(Images via:Monkey Monkey Fun Fun, API, Flickr)

And Rodney Dangerfield thought he got no respect? Poor monkeys and chimpanzees. Always the butt of the joke. Ah, who are we kidding? Even when this guy on the left tries to look seroius, it can’t be taken seriously. Cheer up bud. At least you’re not the as ridiculously dressed as the two next to you.

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