8 Green Shopping Ideas and Gift Tips

Is your budget interfering with your effort to become a green shopper? You’re not alone. When money’s tight, consumers tend to go for what’s most reasonably priced, whether or not it’s the best choice for the environment. And, who can blame them? It’s a common misconception that the cost of going green soars beyond the means of most consumers. Sure, plenty of eco-friendly products are on the expensive side, but here are some items that won’t burn a hole in your wallet – and that are funkier than your average fare.

The days of wearing a hat simply to shield your eyes from the sun are over. With the Solar Light Cap, you’re now able to harness this energy and store it for later. When it gets dark, this wearable gadget lights the way for just $34.99.

Music is meant to be loud, which is why you’re in need of some new speakers. Wondering how you’ll fit this into your finances? Made from recycled materials, Fashionation’s funky line of pyramid-shaped Neo Speakers will only set you back $14.95 each. Plus, they don’t require batteries.

Solar bags are all the rage right now, but who can afford to throw down a couple hundred dollars in the name of fads (and Mother Nature)? For less than $50, you can convert solar energy to electric energy on the go with the AV Lab Solar Backpack.

The Water-Powered Clock does just what its name implies: runs solely on H2O. Sound too advanced to be affordable? Then, you’ll be thrilled to discover that this eco-friendly device is just $16. Now, if only they would apply this technology to every gadget.

Reusable shopping bags are one of the easiest ways to do your part for the planet, but they’re not exactly designed to make a style statement. The Recycled Juice Pack Bag utilizes this non-biodegradable waste to fashion one for unique shoppers looking to turn heads at the store.

Need some tips on where to find more green steals? Check out the gadget section at GreenFeet for inexpensive, handy devices like the SideWinder Crank Cell Phone Charger.

For a vast array of affordable recycled and reclaimed merchandise, Uncommon Goods provides pages of products that are as funky as they are eco-friendly, from a clock crafted from bike parts to a bag made from old billboards and more.

Trying to green your office? At Nigel’s Eco Store, you’ll find cleverly designed sustainable items that are cheap and functional, such as a stapler that doesn’t need staples.

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