70 Extremely Exotic Plants, Flowers, Forests & Trees

The world is full of natural wonders, from powerful medicinal to dangerously poisonous plants, stunningly fragrant and attractive to meat-smelling and disgusting and ubiquitous to threatened ones. From ugly-but-life-saving to beautiful-but-killer flowers (and everything in between) here are some of the most exotic and endangered plants, flowers, trees and forests in the world.

16 of the World’s Weirdest Endangered Trees, Plants and Flowers: From the exotic water-storing Baobob Tree to the infamous Venus Fly Trap, the Green Pitcher to the Baseball Plant, this collection features some of the most visually stunning, fascinatingly historied and unusually endangered tree, plant and flower life on Earth. Click Here to Continue.

16 of the Most Unassuming but Deadly Poisonous Plants: Water Hemlock and Angel’s Trumpet look bright and beautiful but are also notorously fatal. Some of these strange and exotic killers also have medical uses, while others can kill you as quickly, unexpectedly and painfully as a snake or scorpion. Click Here to Continue.

18 of the Most Powerful Medicinal Plants on the Planet: Some plants are deadly while others save lives – and looks can be deceiving. Some, like marijuana and poppies, are largely outlawed while others, including catnip and alfalfa, are widely harvested and put to a great many purposes every day around the world. Click Here to Continue.

20 Beautiful but Endangered Forests from Around the World: Some of the most visually stunning and mysteriously exciting forests on the planet are, unfortunately, also some of the most threatened – including the famous Sherwood Forest and California Old Growth Forests, not to mention many a rain forest. Click Here to Continue.

Bonus: 10 Deliciously Exotic but Edible Fruits and Vegetables: Some of these you might have a tough time finding but as conversation pieces at dinner parties they are sure to pay off. From the monstrously ugly Kiwano Melon to the fractal-filled Romanescu these exotic edibles will certainly turn heads if you can locate or grow them. Click Here to Continue.

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