52 Epic Natural Wonders of the World

According to an ancient Greek philosopher, scientist and healer all matter is comprised of four elements: earth, water, fire and air and associated these four elements with gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. In more contemporary cosmologies these elements have been used to relate and contrast ideas of substance, feelings, energy and thought respectively. Our scientific classifications have evolved but these four elements still inform our understanding of amazing elemental natural formations and phenomenal wonders of the world.

15 Elemental Earth Formations and Phenomena: The Earth is an amazing place but many of its most phenomenal formations are so massive and expansive they can only be truly appreciated from the sky or from space. From gigantic alluvial fans to sweeping impact craters and darkened caves to brilliant coral reefs here are fifteen amazing natural land formations from around the planet.

15 Elemental Water, Snow and Ice Formations and Phenomena: Everyone knows that most of the surface of the Earth is covered in water and ice, but this essential element takes many more forms than those we take for granted. From gigantic glaciers and deafening waterfalls to jagged fields of ice and majestic fjords here are fifteen of the world’s most awe-inspiring water, snow and ice formations.

12 Elemental Fire and Light Formations and Phenomena: The element of fire is a harbinger of destruction and life depending upon its form and intensity. Someday the sun will destroy the Earth but for now it provides essential heat and light to life on the planet. From the renewing power of forest fires to the awesome energy of lightning and the beautiful nighttime light formations of the atmosphere here are twelve dazzling light and fire phenomena.

10 Elemental Sky and Cloud Formations and Phenomena: Clouds and weather produce some of the most stunning yet transient natural artworks of Mother Nature, all the more beautiful during those rare moments they are captured on film or video. From brilliant rainbows and uncanny sprites to miraculous mirages and other crazy cloud formations here are ten beautiful sky, cloud and weather phenomena. 

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