25 Vibrant HDR Photos: Pets, Tame and Wild Animals

(Images via: upton, chefrandan and gatoazul)

Depending upon how a shot is set up, HDR animal photography can bring out the best and brightest or darkest and most terrifying sides of domestic and wild animals. Vivid contrasts can make staring down a crocodile all the more intimidating while blended grays can illustrate just how well squirrels can camouflage with surrounding trees.

(Image via: Rob Harding)

Some HDR pictures are intentionally subtle, highlighting the natural colors found in animals and bringing out those in their surroundings. Others purposefully overemphasize contrasts to create something more lifelike than the nature being photographed. These photos demonstrate a range of HDR approaches and techniques that can be used in photographing animals in their environment be that on a rolling landscape or a local park, or an artificial habitat from a house to the neighborhood zoo.

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