Thanks for your interest in reaching out to WebEcoist. Before selecting from the drop-down menu of reasons and contacting us, however, do consider the following information about the following five options – one of which you will need to select.

Please note: if your submission appears in the form of a press release it will be immediately discarded and your site, service and/or product will be permanently blacklisted – WebEcoist does not accept generic mass-mailed requests of any kind regardless of the content. If you wish to contact us with an idea, read and adhere to the guidelines below.

1) Advertising and Networking: We really appreciate other publishers, designers, artists and creatives of all kinds reaching out to us, but please refrain for asking to trade links during your first contact – it is simply not a polite way to begin a conversation (nor will we respond).

2) Bug Report or Site Issue: We rely on our readers to help us find glitches, bugs and other errors with the website, but it is even more helpful if you can include a link to a screen capture and/or additional information about what page you saw the issue on and what web browser you use.

3) Complaints or Corrections: If you have a complaint or correction, be sure to include an email address at which you can be contacted, a link to the article, page or image about which you are writing and as much detail as possible to help us respond promptly and appropriately to your concerns. Please also keep in mind that the person reading your email may or may not be the author of the content in question (listed at the top of the article under the page headline – do include this information if possible).

4) Friendly Feedback: Simply want to reach out and say hello, thanks or otherwise stoke our egos … or perhaps want to give us your thoughts on the site layout, design or content? We always appreciate it … there are many trolls lurking on these here interwebs so seeing a friendly face with constructive criticism is always a welcome surprise. These are our favorite emails – a good way to get in touch casually.

2) Submissions or Ideas: We do not read (nor respond to) press-release-style submissions. If you would like someone to take a look at your design, product or web page please address the email to the editors with some site-specific context concerning its relevance to our readers. Many people simply mass-mail their ideas to everyone – we would like to think that if you would like exposure or have a good idea that you have familiarized yourself sufficiently and found this to be the appropriate place to submit your idea.