Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butts Bins & Signs

Don’t Trash Me Bro

Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butt Bins & Signs

Folk wisdom tells us that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but does that go for cigarette butts too? This sign from Covington, Virginia would seem to imply that’s the case. That being said, it’s high time we stopped treating cigarette butts like trash and disposed of them properly. So, like trash then? (image via Taber Andrew Bain)

Shock Treatment

Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butt Bins & Signs

Ahh, smoking and electricity: two great tastes that taste great together! No, we’re not talking about Reese’s-flavored vape liquid so get yer mind outta the peanut butter gutter. Instead, it’s the above curious conjunction of a cigarette butt disposal bin and a “Danger! High Voltage” sign. Yeah, that combo’s sure to discourage littering. Brought to you by St Louis, Missouri, where the streets are paved in cigarette butts. (image via Jonathan Cutrer)

Beach Please

Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butt Bins & Signs

“Butt Free Beaches”, in my Australia? It’s more likely than you think – to the chagrin of overweight, under-tanned Euro-tourists eager to bare their smokin’ hot “down under”, if you know what we mean (and we think you do!). In any case, abusing the environment is never a good thing in Oz, where the environment is ready, willing and able to abuse you right back. (image via Michael Coghlan)

Sticky Situation

Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butt Bins & Signs

Butts and gum, together at last! With apologies to The Simpsons, who more likely than not inspired this nifty dual-purpose used chewing gum and cigarette butt disposal bin. Good thing the urbane urban bin from Bishopsgate, London, England is locked up, just in case famished Brits get the wrong idea. Mmm, butts and gum! (image via Ambernectar 13)

Secondhand Smoking?

Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butt Bins & Signs

Thanks, Adelaide, for regularly cleaning my butt bin so I don’t have to – it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Anyway, we bet you never knew cigarette butts could be recycled. TBH, we didn’t know it either. The label on this hopeful bin doesn’t explain HOW deposited butts will be recycled, mind you, or WHAT they’ll be recycled into for that matter. Forget it Jake, it’s Australia… where men are men, spiders are huge and crocs are your swim buddies. Crikey, now we need a smoke! (image via Michael Coghlan)

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