EV League: New JackRabbit Electric Vehicle

Spec’n It Out

EV League: New JackRabbit Electric Vehicle

Full details on the JackRabbit electric vehicle are available at the dedicated Kickstarter page which, by the way, states that a total of 50 backers pledged over $5,000 above the project’s $45,000 goal. As long as you’re here, however, you’re welcome to peruse this list of more notable specifications:

Lockout Security – Proprietary detachable speed switch disables operation. No smart phone required.

Power Cell – Built-in USB port for recharging personal devices.

Fuel Gauge – Central LED monitor displays battery energy status.

Stylin’ – Accessorize with phone cradle, cup holder, cargo rack, lights, bell, etc.

Quiet & Clean – No noisy gears or greasy chain to contend with.

JackRabbit? Grabbit!

EV League: New JackRabbit Electric Vehicle

Transportation authorities initially weren’t sure how to classify the JackRabbit but it seems they’ve managed to pigeonhole this not quite a bike, not quite a scooter type vehicle. Because the vehicle lacks “fully operable pedals” it’s technically not a bicycle as defined in Federal Regulations. The lack of a “deck to stand on while riding” also means it’s technically not a scooter. That said, the JackRabbit manages to slot in under Class 2 E-bike regulations in most states and therefore riders do not require a license, registration, insurance or minimum age to ride it on bike paths or on roadways where the posted maximum speed limit is 25 mph.

As well, most states don’t require that riders 18 years and older where a helmet but “we strongly recommend donning protective headgear (more robust than a top hat) for riders of all ages,” according to the company. Last but not least, the JackRabbit is expected to be sticker-priced at $899 once it arrives at retail outlets.

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