Couch Pooh-Tato: Bear Sez ‘Sofa, So Good’

Life’s sofa-king-of-the-beasts good for a black bear relaxing on a dumped couch in remote northern Manitoba. Speaking of which, where’s the remote?


When the bear necessities of modern wildlife just won’t do, just kick back and take a load of your feet… er, paws. That appears to be the maxim practiced by a black bear snapped sofa surfing at a local dumping ground by Canadian nurse Mandy Stantic.


Open-air trash dumps are common in northern Canada where year-round frozen ground makes digging a landfill impossible. Organic waste isn’t supposed to be included in trash trucked to these dumps but people being people, some does end up there. Bears being bears, it’s not at all uncommon to see black bears and polar bears attracted by the alluring (to them) aroma of decay.