Do Drop In: Surf Shack Packs Flat For Low Impact


BHC has endeavored to get in the heads of their target market throughout the Surf Shack’s conception. “In a lot of cases, our customers want to build on their remote dream property, as a way to escape the 9 to 5,” explains Wilson. “Some of those locations can’t accommodate an intrusive, traditional building process. Our customers seem to come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share an eye for design, and a creative desire to play some part in the building experience,” he adds. BHC’s initial customers have run the gamut from young tech entrepreneurs to semi-retired professors, and the Surf Shack reflects their unique set of priorities. “These are not 2X4 stick-framed, tiny prefabricated structures with vinyl windows,” states Wilson. “Our customers are looking for a recreational dwelling that is well-designed, with minimal environmental impact.”


“We wanted to create something that captured a certain essentialism,” explains architect Michael Leckie, co-founder of BHC. Vancouver-based Leckie Studio Architecture + Design conceived the prefabricated ‘kit-of-parts’ system that’s one of the Surf Shack’s key features. The result is “a product and process that is unique unto itself, that is has a practicality, without sacrificing good design.” The Surf Shack is available for order now in the United States and Canada with further availability planned for the future. For more information, please visit BHC online. (images and info via WENN).