Do Drop In: Surf Shack Packs Flat For Low Impact


The main point of the Surf Shack is meeting the expectations of their target customer base. Today’s luxury vacationers want to enjoy the benefits of Earth’s vanishing wilderness spaces and places but don’t want to degrade these scenic wonderlands in the process. In a nutshell, the lighter the environmental footprint, the greater the satisfaction when the day is done!


BHC works with their clients from the earliest stages so as to provide an understanding of how the product “works” and how the project budget is applied. These discussions serve to clarify the entire process while providing specifications outlining the total project budget including a complete permit package. The company’s in-house team of architects then takes over, blueprinting the required components and engineering them for manufacturing and assembly. In an astonishingly quick time, a “flat pack” kit or kits of parts is delivered directly to the desired location where assembly begins. According to co-founder Wilson Edgar, a team of four can raise the basic structure in less than a week while foregoing the need for large excavators and other heavy machinery that can cause significant environmental damage to the client’s chosen site. Think about it: would you want to vacation at an “untouched” scenic vista, or at Tony Beeks’ gold mine?