Seat Back Pack: REST Recycles Office Chairs


“Realizing that a backpack was possible from office chair waste was the turning point for the project,” explains Thomas Howell-Jones. “This then allowed me to continue detailed investigation and development showing results seen today. REST is a rucksack designed for an active lifestyle; highlighted by the name. It aims to break free the shackles of the standard office chair and provide function and aesthetics OUTSIDE the office.”


“Materializing the office chair backrest shell allowed REST to be as functional as possible whilst also supplying an impact resistance and waterproof bag,” according to Howell-Jones. REST backpacks and panniers embody three essential characteristics: Waterproof Construction, Impact Resistance, and High Capacity. Polypropylene exteriors provide protection in all weather conditions, the bags are tough and puncture-resistant, and with dimensions of 50cm x 45cm x 20cm (19.7” x 17.7” x 7.9”) the REST bag is in the medium-to-large size category.


REST has already attracted attention, having won the Stepping Stone award at the RSA Student Designs Awards. A panel of RSA judges commended REST’s innovative features and inherent adaptability to a wide range of uses. Encouraged by these positive reactions, Howell-Jones is looking to both expand REST while considering the possibilities of other difficult-to-recycle products such as bicycle inner tubes. (via WENN)