Hot Property: Lava-ly Living At The Phoenix House

You and your “lava” can rent ArtisTree‘s Phoenix House, perched on the slopes of an active volcano, for just $125 per night – now that’s a hot deal!



The Phoenix House may not be Cinderella’s castle but it sure ain’t short on cinders of the volcanic variety. This single-bedroom, fully functional, definitely unique property stands all by its lonesome so there are no noisy neighbors to interrupt your sleep. That is, unless Mother Nature (in the form of the Mauna Loa volcano) decides to clear her throat, as it were, in which case you may regret your purchase for the rest of your suddenly much shorter life.

Let It Flow



Phoenix House is built atop the Kalapana lava flow at the foot of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest and most active volcano, on Hawaii’s Big Island. In 1986 the lava flow buried most of the town of Kalapana and a subsequent flow in 2010 destroyed a house that at the time was only five years old.

Ash The World Turns




Phoenix House didn’t exactly “rise from the ashes” of that particular home though it’s close enough to make potential and actual renters wonder. You’ve heard of The Year of Living Dangerously? Well, thanks to Airbnb, where Phoenix House is listed for £98 (about $125) nightly, one can now “enjoy” an evening of living dangerously. Pleasant dreams!

Life Is Good In The Green House




Phoenix House was designed by ArtisTree with a clear set of sustainable, environmentally-friendly goals in mind. “We built this house with deep respect for Mother Earth,” explained lead designer Will Beilharz. “For that reason, you will find the design minimalist, the development footprint light, and the result is one with its surroundings.” One more lava flow will make it even more one with its surroundings… just sayin’.