Viva Lava: Hawaii’s Volcanoes Let It Flow



33-year-old Selway is a partner (with CJ Kale) in Hawaii-based Lava Light Gallery, which “house(s) the largest collection of fine art photographs of the Kilauea Volcano in the world”. As self-styled “daredevil photographers,” Kale and Selway were the first artists in history to enter the surf near the volcano, equipped with surf housings, to capture a truly close-up-and-personal view of the lava hitting the sea through the surf. The photographers entered the water right next to the lava: within mere feet of its entry point. “the water was near scalding and there were lava bombs floating in the water,” relates Kale. As stated at the Lava Light Gallery blog, “These are the lengths that they will go to further their art and stand out from the crowd with some of the most unique images on earth.” No argument on that from us!



As word of Cale and Selway’s in-your-face volcano photography has spread, the artists aren’t letting fame go to their heads. “Even if I didn’t make my living capturing these images I would still do it,” states Selway. “It is not about the money or about being known to others. It is about the pursuit of that next amazing moment in time to capture with my camera. Now I just want to find a way to give back to the world that has given me so much.” Enlightening the world to nature’s wonder is a great way to do that. (via CJ Kale/