Rock The Wave: A Sandstone Sea In Arizona



Arnelas’ inclusion of Susana in his photos adds a sense of scale to the scenes: The Wave covers a substantial area of desert real estate. “Following the trail is definitely an adventure as you aren’t given any map,” related Arnelas. “We had just a few pictures that the rangers provided as a guide. I didn’t have much time because twenty minutes after I arrived, a couple of travelers began approaching but I was able to get the shot I wanted to show the loneliness of that moment.”


While Coconino County boasts the city of Flagstaff as its county seat, The Wave is neither a quick nor easy travel destination. In fact, the site is officially administered by the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument visitor center across the state border in Kanab, Utah. “We are so used to seeing crowded places in any city but this place looks peaceful and quiet,” admits Arnelas. “It’s a real jewel, which we need to preserve. When people see these pictures they can’t believe such an amazing place could really exist. They can’t believe it.” (via Raúl Cruz Arnelas / mediadrum/WENN)