Love Bites: Shark & Diver Enjoy 7-Year Friendship


But back to our deep sea romance… “From that point on, whenever we came across each other she would approach me for a pat and cuddle after not seeing each other for months at a time when she migrated,” states the amused and bemused Anderson. “It’s an awesome feeling to bond with a wild animal.”


Yes, some sharks do migrate and the habits of Port Jackson sharks are well known. Native to temperate ocean waters around southern Australia, these sharks usually swim south along the continent’s east or west coasts in summer and return north to breed in winter. The lifespans of Port Jackson sharks are not known with exactitude though females become sexually mature between the ages of 11 and 14. Thus, it would seem Anderson and his fishy friend may enjoy each others company for years to come. (Via PetsLady and WENN)