Sounds Wood: Speakers Made From Recycled Logs



Jay DeMerit (above) hales from Green Bay, Wisconsin and played professional soccer for five different teams over fourteen years, including a stint with the United States men’s national soccer team from 2007 through 2011. No one-trick pony, DeMerit studied to be an Industrial Product Designer at University of Illinois at Chicago. He’s married to Canadian Ashleigh McIvor, the first gold medal winner of women’s ski cross at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.



Now retired from pro athletics, DeMerit set his sights on making Rockit Logs the sustainable choice when it comes to music-lovin’ treehuggers… and more! The speakers offer high-end Bluetooth audio with a powerful 60-watt amplifier – consider that most Bluetooth speakers have a power output of between 1 and 5 watts.


Western Cedar, Fir and Hemlock are “soft tone” woods that are ideal for producing the most ear-friendly sound profile. There’s a good reason such woods are used in guitars, violins and other stringed instruments: they deliver full-bodied acoustic profiles that provide “warmth” and amplify softer, quieter tones. Compact but powerful Rockit Logs measure around 12 inches in diameter and are designed with portability in mind c/o their integral grab & go handles.