Swell Shell: Stepped-On Snail’s Surgery A Success

A stepped-on garden snail‘s smashed shell was expertly repaired with epoxy glue by caring veterinarians at the HaClinica Animal Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Small and slow-moving, snails tend not to do well in urban settings populated by walking, running, boarding, biking and driving humans. Once a snail finds itself underfoot, well, what can one do but walk away feeling regretful, if only for a moment. I mean, it’s a snail – a living creature to be sure but there’s just no coming back from a smashed shell… or is there?




A woman from Tel Aviv, Israel had a chance to debate that very question recently when she inadvertently stepped on a garden snail while walking in her yard. Not content to merely stride off and leave the snail to its sad fate, the woman carefully scooped up the injured gastropod and as many scattered shattered shell shards. She then took everything directly to the nearest animal clinic: the HaClinica Animal Hospital on Nordau Avenue in downtown Tel Aviv.