Oui! France Whips Out Composting Public Urinals



Unlike some of Faltazi’s other urine-control devices such as L’Uritonnoir – basically a plastic funnel that can be inserted into hay bales at music festivals – the Uritrottoir is designed for use in urban environments. One of the first real-world tests took place outside the Gare de Lyon, France’s third-busiest railway station. It seems passengers were, how shall we put it, lightening their load before boarding. “I am optimistic it will work,” stated Maxime Bourette, a maintenance official with SNCF, France’s public railway authority. “Everyone is tired of the mess.”


Mind you, there’s a price to be paid for pee-free public places and spaces. According to the New York Times, SNCF paid just under $10,000 for TWO bright red Uritrottoirs… it’s the F-35 of public urinals! By the way, readers of the fairer sex may be wondering why Faltazi’s left them out of the equation. “We had thought this was mainly a problem involving men,” admits Laurent Lebot, “but it seems not. We haven’t solved the problem in its entirety. For women, the solution isn’t so simple.” Amen, brother!