Oui! France Whips Out Composting Public Urinals




Urine is rich in nitrogen and potassium – compounds plants crave even more than Brawndo. It seems a shame to let these natural fertilizers go down the drain, as it were, and the Uritrottoir urinal retains them in its interior bed of organic material until the “urine attendant” (and you thought your job stunk) comes around to switch out the bin. How do they know when it’s full? Glad you asked: an integral electronic monitoring system alerts the attendants when the urinal’s bin is sufficiently soaked.



Uritrottoirs are waterproof, graffiti-proof, and come in three shapes/sizes: Large (240 litres), Small (120 litres), and Corner (110 litres). That works out to 600, 300, and 275 “passages”, respectively. Don’t ask us how Faltazi knows this, they just do. The boxes also come with red, blue, green, gray or white plastic upper portions complemented by plain metal lower bodies.