Don’t Soot: Recycling Smog Into Artist’s Ink

An innovative start-up using a device that filters air pollution from fossil fuel-powered engines is recycling the carbon soot into non-toxic artist’s ink.


Every minute of every day, countless internal combustion engines spew black carbon soot into the air, polluting the atmosphere and worsening the health of billions of people around the world. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to capture the smog before it diffuses into the air and recycle it into something useful? Actually, there is: the “Kaalink”, invented by MIT Media Lab spinoff company Graviky Labs, attaches to a vehicle’s exhaust pipe and captures 95% of the expelled particulate matter (aka soot) without creating back-pressure and impeding engine performance.



Even better, Graviky has found a use for the collected soot – refining it into non-toxic, artist-quality black carbon pigment suitable for a variety of inks and paints… including tattooing ink. Wait a minute, car exhaust? Under my skin in the form of a tattoo? Indeed, it’s more likely than you think. At least it WILL be, once Graviky Labs ramps up production of their retail product known as AIR-INK.